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       ecolman10Edward Colman  - 2nd Horn                        

      I joined a brass band when I retired.  We had just moved to Verwood and giving somebody a
      lift in our car.  We were discussing things we would like to have done.  I said I’d liked to have
      played in a brass band but it was too late now.  No it isn’t came the reply.  It turned out that sh
      conducted the training band.  She put me in touch with a past band member to learn the
rudiments.  He 
      took one look at me and said “the baritone for you” (I suspect it was the only
instrument available).  
      From  there I joined the training band and entered one of the most
enjoyable aspects of my life.  Playing 
      with a brass band gives me tremendous pleasure.  I am
lucky to have found Honiton Band, who are a
                                                grand bunch of people.  I only wish that I had
started to play when I was younger.


Lorraine Pavey - Flugel Horn         lpavey08                                 

      I learned to play the tenor horn in Sidmouth Town Band when I was about fifteen and stayed playing with
      the main band for several years.   About seventeen years ago I was invited to help Honiton Band at a    
      few  concerts and having enjoyed the experience, decided I would like to join the band.   After a couple
      of  years, I
took on the job of  playing Soprano Cornet and hopefully have improved a lot since, playing 
      many solos and have recently moved to Flugel Horn.   I enjoy playing in Honiton Band very much - I think 
      the band has a wonderful group of people, especially the committee who manage the band so well.  I
      also play in Exeter Railway Band and help out in other bands when needed.



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