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      Keith Allen  -  1st Baritone

      I've been playing a brass instrument for around 55 years.  Introduction to music began early in life, as a
      choirboy at my local church.  Later, whilst at Ladysmith S.M. School in Exeter, I was taught to play the
      euphonium, joining both the  school band and the Topsham & Lympstone band.  I've been married to 
      Victoria for 35 years, having 2 grown up children and have now retired to a small bungalow overlooking
      the sea at Exmouth.  Over the years I have played in several local bands, on both the contest and 
      concert stage.  Currently I also play 1st Baritone with the City of Exeter Railway Band
and have been a
      member of Honiton Band since 2008.

                                                               [congratulations to those who have spotted that Keith is not holding a baritone!]




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