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We currently have 25  playing members and you'll find our instrumentation and personnel listed below - along with our vacancies.  To find out even more about us, check out our player profiles!

Musical Director - Elizabeth A Carter

Cornet Section    
Principal - Kevin Roulson
Tutti - Emma Brown
  - Mike Ashby
  - Sharon Dibsdall
Soprano - Henry Clarke
Repiano - Roger Sleeman
2nd - Jack Clarke
2nd - Rob Newell
3rd - Caroline Plews
3rd - Mick Oliver
3rd - Daniel Clarke
Horn Section    
Solo - Stuart Bilverstone
1st - Gill Muggeridge
2nd - Edward Colman
Flugel - Lorraine Pavey
Euphonium Section    
Principal - Richard Brain
  - Geoff Dibsdall
- Jan Hill
Baritone Section    
1st - Linda Grady
2nd - Ghislaine Silvers
Trombone Section    
1st - Johnathan Sanders
2nd - Steven Smith
Bass - vacancy
Bass Section    
Eb - Vernon Whitlock
Eb - David Lee
Bb - vacancy
Bb - vacancy
Percussion Section - Angie Taylor




























Although we have specific vacancies listed above in the various sections, our MD is keen to try and accommodate anyone who would like to play in the band, where possible.  Please contact us if you're interested.






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