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dbsmith08    Duncan Bradshaw-Smith  -  Bb Cornet
    I started playing a brass instrument when I was in year 6 at school. My dream was to play a
    trombone, but a trumpet had to suffice. When a colleague of my dad, a former band member,
    recommended free lessons at the Honiton Band, I went along with my mum. There I was fitted
    out with my first cornet and after many weeks of lessons, I was finally playing in the band itself,
    on 3rd Cornet. During my years in the band I moved up the rankings from 3rd Cornet to 2nd
    then Repiano and finally Tutti, where I've played for a while. I enjoy the atmosphere at the band
    and my highlight so far was the trip to Gronau in 2008. To perform to a wider (and often drunk!)
                                              audience was great fun and I enjoyed every minute of the trip.
                                              [Duncan was a full time member of the band for many years, until going to University]

      Nichola Conabeare  -  Bb Trombone 

    I started learning to play with St Swithun’s Band in Bridport in 1969 and then joined Honiton Band in 1970.  I continued to play for    
    both bands for about 10 years. I started on cornet, moved onto flugel horn and I now play 1st tenor trombone. I have a daughter who 
    plays Eb bass, but unfortunately she can only play occasionally.  I had to leave  the  band in November 2007, as I relocated 
    to Bristol, following promotion at work.  I was very sad to make the move, but return to play with the band at their engagements as
    often as possible.

     Rod Salter  -  Bb Trombone

     Rod comes along and helps us whenever he's down this way on holiday.  He now lives in Derbyshire and plays for both
     Long Easton Silver Prize Band and Melbourne Town Band



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